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Technical requirements and test methods for plasticizer epoxidized soybean oil


ProjectResultExperiment Method
AppearanceLight yellow oil-like liquidVisual test
2Color(Pi-Co) ≤170GB/T 1664-1995
3Acid value (in KOH) / (mg / g) ≤ 0.6GB/T 1668-2008
4Epoxy value/%  ≥6.0

GB/T 1677-2008
Hydrochloric acid-acetone method

5Iodine value/%  ≤5.0GB/T 1676-2008
6Loss on heating/%  ≤0.2GB/T 1669-2001
7Density(20℃)/(g/cm3 )0.988~0.999CB/T 4472-1984中2.3.1
8Flash point/℃  ≥280GB/T 1671-2008
  • Test Methods

    1 General provisions

    Unless otherwise stated, the standard solutions, preparations and products used in the analysis were prepared in accordance with GB / T 601-2002 and GB / T 603-2002.

    In the analysis, only the reagents that are confirmed as analytically pure and the third-grade water in accordance with GB / T 6682-2008 are used

    The determination of the test results in this standard is carried out in accordance with the rounded value comparison method in 4.3.3 of GB / T 8170-2008.

    2 Appearance

    Visual inspection under natural light.

    3 Determination of chromaticity

    Determined according to GB / T 1664-1995.

    4 Determination of acid value

    Determined according to GB / T 1668-2008.

    5 Determination of epoxy value

    Determined according to the provisions of the hydrochloric acid-acetone method in GB / T 1677-2008

  • 6 Determination of iodine value

    Determined according to GB / T 1676-2008.

    7 Determination of heating loss

    Determined according to GB / T 1669-2001.

    8 Determination of density

    Determined according to the provisions of 2.3.1 in GB / T 4472-1984

    9 Determination of flash point

    Determined according to GB / T 1671-2008.

    Inspection Rules

    1 Inspection classification

    All items specified in Table 1 are factory inspection items.

    2 Factory inspection

    This product should be manufactured by the manufacturer's quality inspection and inspection department. This standard can only be shipped after passing the inspection. A quality certificate with a certain format is included, which includes: product name, manufacturer name, batch number, production date, this standard. Number, inspector, etc.

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