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Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Epoxidized soybean oil is the excellent plasticizer and stabilizer of PVC. It can be used to produce blood vessel, container for blood or fluid transfasion, blood cercuit articles of artificial heart lung or Ridney and the other medical apparatuses made of PVC. 

Technical requirements and test methods for plasticizer epoxidized soybean oil


ProjectResultExperiment Method
AppearanceLight yellow oil-like liquidVisual test
2Color(Pi-Co) ≤170GB/T 1664-1995
3Acid value (in KOH) / (mg / g) ≤ 0.6GB/T 1668-2008
4Epoxy value/%  ≥6.0

GB/T 1677-2008
Hydrochloric acid-acetone method

5Iodine value/%  ≤5.0GB/T 1676-2008
6Loss on heating/%  ≤0.2GB/T 1669-2001
7Density(20℃)/(g/cm3 )0.988~0.999CB/T 4472-1984中2.3.1
8Flash point/℃  ≥280GB/T 1671-2008
Epoxidized Soybean Oil
  • Test Methods

    1 General provisions

    Unless otherwise stated, the standard solutions, preparations and products used in the analysis were prepared in accordance with GB / T 601-2002 and GB / T 603-2002.

    In the analysis, only the reagents that are confirmed as analytically pure and the third-grade water in accordance with GB / T 6682-2008 are used

    The determination of the test results in this standard is carried out in accordance with the rounded value comparison method in 4.3.3 of GB / T 8170-2008.

    2 Appearance

    Visual inspection under natural light.

    3 Determination of chromaticity

    Determined according to GB / T 1664-1995.

    4 Determination of acid value

    Determined according to GB / T 1668-2008.

    5 Determination of epoxy value

    Determined according to the provisions of the hydrochloric acid-acetone method in GB / T 1677-2008

  • 6 Determination of iodine value

    Determined according to GB / T 1676-2008.

    7 Determination of heating loss

    Determined according to GB / T 1669-2001.

    8 Determination of density

    Determined according to the provisions of 2.3.1 in GB / T 4472-1984

    9 Determination of flash point

    Determined according to GB / T 1671-2008.

    Inspection Rules

    1 Inspection classification

    All items specified in Table 1 are factory inspection items.

    2 Factory inspection

    This product should be manufactured by the manufacturer's quality inspection and inspection department. This standard can only be shipped after passing the inspection. A quality certificate with a certain format is included, which includes: product name, manufacturer name, batch number, production date, this standard. Number, inspector, etc.