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Properties and characteristics of epoxidized soybean oil

Editor:admin │ Release Time:2018-08-20 

1. Definition and characteristics of epoxidized soybean oil

This product is a widely used non-toxic, tasteless plasticizer and stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride and neoprene. It has a dual function, has a good stabilizing effect on light and heat, and has a certain lubricating effect during processing. The product has excellent toughness, good compatibility, low volatility, and small migration. It can not only absorb the hydrogen chloride released by the polyvinyl chloride resin during decomposition, but also be compatible with the polyvinyl chloride resin. Epoxy soybean oil can be used in almost all polyvinyl chloride products and some neoprene products, and it is essential for the application in food packaging materials. Such as: agricultural film, salt-making film, food packaging film, wire, artificial leather, various transparent PVC soft and hard products. Particularly suitable for transparent food sanitary PVC packaging products, transparent parts and plastic doors and windows.

Oxiepoxidized soybean oil is characterized by: epoxy soybean oil is a light yellow oily liquid, freezing and freezing is allowed in winter, it must be melted with steam or water before use.

2. Product quality indicators:

ProjectPrescribed index
ExteriorLight yellow oily liquid
Color (platinum-cobalt)≤300
Specific gravity (20°C)0.985-0.990
Acid value KOHmg / g≤0.5
Loss on heating (125 °C × 2 hours)%≤0.3
Flash point (open cup method),°C≥280
Epoxy value%≥6
Iodine value≤6
Thermally stable (177°C, epoxy value after 3 hours)%≥5
Boiling point (4 mmHg)150±2°C
Refractive index,n20D1.4710+0.0004

3. Packaging, transportation and storage

1, Epoxy soybean oil is packed in clean and dry galvanized iron drums, each barrel is 200kg

2, epoxy soybean oil should be stored in a ventilated and dry place indoor, during transportation, to prevent violent impact.